Road Safety

By 5 years ago
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The children of Nceduluntu and Ikhayalethemba were recently treated to a great educational experience.  A Road Traffic Officer visited.  The children all sat excitedly around the car as she explained a variety of road safety rules.  Although it was all in Xhosa, we got the gist of it as she went through looking left and right, the colours of the traffic robots (that’s traffic lights to us Aussie’s) and sitting in a car safely.

 The highlight of course was when the officer turned on the siren and flashing lights of the car and let the children speak into the microphone. She responded to the children’s enthusiasm with an encore of sirens and lights and some of the children got to sing a road safety song into the microphone.

We were left with some great resources for Nceduluntu such as Road Safety posters and we look forward to building onto this road safety message in our classes at Grade R, Nceduluntu and Ikhayalethemba.

 It was a great hour, enthusiastically received by the children and staff. And such an important topic too!

Cheryl Martin

Project Manager