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Memories of Pez - diving in Paradise!

By 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan


Simon and Casper, who joined us for 2 months, are telling us about their time in Pez Maya. Read all about the diving, food, BBQs and all the other fun stuff in Pez Maya. 


It’s time to reflect on our time here:



If you can, try and shrink a bit before you get here, normal height in Europe is excessively tall in the Yucatan; you will not find a bed that fits and you will hit your head on everything. Also, anyone with feet bigger than Size 8, bring shoes to last, you will not find anything to fit anywhere – we tried for 3 months and binned it off.



Now we’ve told you about all the good points, let’s talk about the rest…



You have to dive and have ‘Fun Dives’, I mean who would sign up for that, right? In warm, tropical water and sunshine overhead, don’t do it! Stay in the cloudy, grey mist, freezing temperatures and water around 2°C where you have to snap icicles off your body after 10 minutes.



On base, days start at 7am with Duties, but your best bet is to get up at 5am so that you can watch the sun rise over the sea and beach, a time when you can really take in the tropical paradise in which you are living. You get to launch the boats every day, this doesn’t take too long and working as a team sets your day in motion for diving. The boats, named Ka’ay and Huul Kin, are your vessels of freedom – despite Ka’ay being overly heavy to lift, you’ll soon forgive her once you’re out on the water.



Pez is a multi-national community, and after a couple of days, regardless of where you are from, Pez becomes one non-shoe wearing community. You soon become as close as family to both volunteers and staff, and you will become intricately involved in playing the native reimagining of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’, entitled ‘Coconut, Machete, Sand’.



So, back to why everyone comes here – the diving. The staff are dedicated and know their stuff inside out, and are always willing and eager to teach – take the opportunity to do all the courses you can, the instructors are great. You will learn so much about the world around you under the surface, whether you get assigned to learn fish, or dirty, stinking coral scum – haha! I’m not joking by the way, coral geeks suck. Anybody can monitor a coral that doesn’t move – get a real job.



So with one day left in Pez, it’s hard to figure out where 8 weeks went, it seems like yesterday that we arrived, with shorter hair and no sun tans. So what will we really take away with us? Memories that will last our lifetimes, new skills that we can carry forward in our lives, and new friends from around the world that connects us.



Pez Maya is a tropical paradise full of fun, laughs, pranks, friends, sun and diving. Make sure to take lots of photos and share them, the time goes by faster than you’d think. The only thing left now is one last BBQ and party night before we go. Wanna know what happens on party night?



Well, I guess you’ll have to come and see for yourself…