Our most asked question prior to a volunteer’s arrival:

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A lot of volunteers ask us via email if there is anything they can bring with them to help on the projects, so the staff at GVI Nepal have put their heads together and come up with a few suggestions of things that would not go astray here in Nepal.  Most of these things don’t have to be new and you could have them lying around the place and not realise they could be useful to others.

From home:        
*           *Colouring books

·         *Superhero comics

·         *Sports equipment

·         *Old clothes

·         *Children’s socks

·         *Umbrellas

·         *Childrens rain coats (ages 3 – 15)

·         *Good quality colouring pencils and markers

·         *Story books

·         *Family and travel photos to show the kids on projects

If you are involved with a large organisation or school that are looking to donate old equipment to a great cause then the following are a few suggestions:

·         *Old laptops

·         *Old cameras

·         *Old sports uniforms & football boots

·         *Sports equipment (at the moment we are especially on the hunt for sports cones or markers)

It’s also a nice gesture to bring a small gift for your host family from your own country.  This is a great bonding and cultural exchanging experience – but Aussie’s be warned, Vegemite doesn’t go over so well here – I’ve tried!