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Not one manta ray. TWO manta rays.

By Lorna Brown 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Willie’s Bay Point will forever be my most hated diving spot. Why, you ask? Let me explain. Yesterday morning, I got up in a good baking mood. So, out of the goodwill of my heart, I made everyone three whole loafs of yummy lemon drizzle cake and granola for breakfast. That’s more or less 4 hours in the kitchen. But I thought everyone deserved it and may have a hard day of diving, plus I was in the mood for something else than oats for breakfast. So, how does this relate to Willie’s Bay Point, you ask? Simple; whilst I was slaving away in the kitchen, the divers are off to Willie’s Bay Point and see a Manta Ray. Oh, sorry. Two manta rays. Two. Not one. They like to constantly remind me of this fact. It must be because they are sadists and they love smothering vinegar on my open wounds. %#*@.

But it doesn’t end there. After the divers come back and I have finished my baking, they rub it into my face with grinning faces. I literally cry (I don’t mention the fact that it was because I was putting in my contacts at the time) and they finally let me seethe with jealousy in peace. But all is not bleak; I am on the last dive of the day, and we are also going to Willie’s Bay. I secretly hold out hope to see a Manta or two. Hell, I start hoping to see a Whale Shark or something, so I can top the others. Nothing beats a Whale Shark. Except maybe a baby Whale Shark.

So as I set off on this dive I am holding onto a string of fragile hope that the day may still be salvaged. I am doing two deep centre point count belts. Excellent, I think. They take less time, which means more time to look for them Mantas and Whales. And as I finish the surveys, I am furiously looking around for anything. Even my dive buddy Danny is hoping for the same. We swim around for what seems like hours and find nothing. I see a Titan Triggerfish and a Palette Surgeonfish, which are pretty cool, but not nearly enough to beat a Manta.

When we ascend, I feel my heart sink. Nothing. And as you read this, some of you may be thinking that I, in the end, did see a Manta and I am just holding out suspense and it’s all good and jolly. But it’s not. I didn’t see anything. All that is left from yesterday is my raging jealousy, half a loaf of cake and granola for this morning’s breakfast.