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What would you like to see during your last week at Pez Maya? How about a nurse shark!

By 4 years ago
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Our volunteers Leah and Byron were lucky enough to see something very exciting on one of their dives this week! This is their story:



Diving at Pez Maya is always awesome. Diving anywhere really is great, but here we’ve come to appreciate what we see a lot more, because we learn so much about fish, coral and other reef creatures, and how they all interact, that I think we notice so much more than many other divers. All the same though, seeing unexpected animals, like turtles and sharks, is a great highlight! Plus we record these too, as ”incidental sightings”. This our last week at Pez Maya and we had yet to see anything worth boasting about, and we were determined to change that! One of us might also have had a bit of a bet going on with one of the other volunteers about who would be the first to see a shark…



On Monday we went out for the first dive of our last week in Pez Maya. After everyone boasting about their incidental sightings over the last few weeks, we knew that this was one of our last opportunities to see a rare species of our own. On the way to the dive site, we were speaking about what animals we had to see before we left base. Turtles! Dolphins! Rays! Sharks!



We began our dive; a regular coral watch, just us two and another volunteer, Angus. He began by laying out a 30 meter long tape measure so we could start to gather data. He pointed out the first coral that we were to record the name and colour variation of, then out of nowhere he began shouting under water (have you ever heard someone shouting underwater? It’s a pretty amusing noise) and trying to wave us down to show us something exciting. He had spotted a nurse shark! It was just lying on a sand patch, minding its own business. We were all freaking out under water and using very non-PADI hand signals. We had a great opportunity to get a good look at this creature, all 1.5 metres of it! We postponed our survey to hang out with this beautiful beast for a while.



During our safety stop, we were still going crazy and we were still shouting underwater, which must have been quite a sight! Even after we broke the surface, the emotions were still pouring out of us three coral divers. Even our boat captain, Emilia, knew we had seen something very cool when she drove up to pick us up from the dive site. We didn’t stop smiling about the experience from the moment we saw it until the moment we went to bed. Our whole experience here has been elevated because of this rare incidental sighting and it was a great way to end off the Pez Maya adventure. Thank you, Pez Maya, for all the amazing diving experiences!