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Nothing Beats the Seychelles

By Beat 3 years ago

Beat has just finished up at GVI Seychelles after spending four fast weeks with us. During this time, alongside all his training, he was able to visit the President’s Village Children’s Home for our weekly snorkel.


Primarily and still, the ‘good’ weather god apparently is still visiting a different region than ours  J. But nevertheless, the good mood was rather growing than dropping. The influence of the wetness during the entire day (instead of only under the sea) is actually for everybody the same and we are in the same boat or in the same ‘manta’ (the name of our boat). Consequently, each little ‘appearance of the sun’ is celebrated like an announcement of the ‘end of the rainy season’. Besides checking the horizon for signs of whales or dolphins, we have also an eye on blue sky though.



One of the numerous highlights of this week was surely the swimming and playing with the kids of ‘President’s Village Children’s Home’.  It’s been a long time since I heard so much loud laughing at once, I must state. Those shining smiles of the kids will remain a memorable highlight of the entire stay here on the Seychelles. What is really amazing is how quickly opening of a ‘box of cookies’ reduces that loudness to near-silence.



Time is flying by, and mid-September will reach us already soon (teardrop in the eye). Meaning another end of a ‘project month’ is approaching but there is still a lot of space for enjoyable moments to come, I am confident.



Before finalizing, I’ll remind you to watch our GVI Seychelles facebook and follow the ‘Seychelles Selfie Showdown’. And as an additional recommendation: make a little donation in the name of group name ‘SMILE’, where all proceeds will go straight back to the kids at the President’s Village Children’s Home.



*Editor’s note: we have since had our Seychelles Selfie Showdown, but you can still donate here: