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From Norway to Seychelles - 3 months of sleeping in a dorm, and befriending crabs and geckos

By Ingrid Askeland 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

The road from Norway to Seychelles has been long, but finally we have arrived at GVI’s camp at Curieuse Island in the Seychelles. Right now we are eight volunteers, five girls and three boys. We are both sleeping and working close together so we will hopefully get a chance to get to know each other well. The volunteers come from different places around the world, such as Sweden, Austria, Norway and the UK. Since the minute we arrived we have been fed information about the island and its many different species. Even though we think there is a lot of information to grasp, all the information will help us with the work we have ahead of us.


All of the volunteers are sleeping in bunk beds in the same dormitory. It is so close to the beach that you will fall asleep whilst listening to the waves lapping onto the golden sand. The first week has led to a lot of new and blooming friendships both with people and animals. The animals all live at the camp and have all been given different names, like Manny the mangrove crab and Garry the gecko. Among all of the different animals living here, the crabs, turtles, sharks and the geckos are by far the most fascinating creatures. During the stay we are going to work most closely with nesting Sea Turtles and baby Lemon sharks.


Until now we have been going on a lot of hikes and the heat and humidity will take some time to get used to, especially when we are doing a lot of activities during the day and early mornings. The weather does give us a lot of advantages, like being able to sunbath all day, swim whenever we feel like it and wear summer clothes all day.


We have a pretty full schedule and in the beginning we don`t have a lot of spare time. We have been cleaning a beach, looking out for the turtle nests and measuring the Coco de Mer palms. The thing that was most shocking was to see how much litter people throw in the ocean. It was quite rewarding to clean the beach because it made you feel like you made a difference to the wildlife and the environment.


You get many positive outcomes out of this experience, you are learning a lot about island conservation and how to help the wildlife thrive. It is cool that you get to contribute to improving the world`s ecosystem, whilst you have fun and learn new things at this brilliant island. Even though we have only been here for half a week I have gained a lot of new experience and I have learnt a lot about the island and it`s many different species. I am looking forward to the rest of my next three months!