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Night patrolling with the Under 18s Mexico

By Gabriela Saldanha Blackwood 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

The GVI Under 18s program in Mexico was a great success, and Gaby, one our participants wrote the following to share her amazing experience at the turtle patrol we did.

“We began walking with our guide Enrique under an inky dome of stars at 9:30pm, it had just rained so the sargassum’s smell was strong. We started off by releasing tens of day old loggerhead turtles into the sea. The initial sounds of excitement simmered down as the turtles began being taken in by the waves. It was a serene moment of reflection, only 1 in 1000 baby turtles reach maturity. The landscape was both vast and breathtakingly delicate. The moon rose so the viscus waves became iridescent. Freshly washed up sargassum shone from bioluminescence. Each turtle we discovered gave me a renewed astonishment and awe because they are such majestic, beautiful animals. Under the red humming glow of Enrique’s torch I brushed the sand of the turtle’s shell and head and measured its size. It was such a privilege to come so close to the turtle. We stayed walking and resting for ten hours until we saw the last shooting star and the sun rose, chasing the moon, again there was silence, all I could hear was the lapping of the waves. Everything around was so humbling. This experience will resonate within me for a lifetime and I have Lluvia, Enrique and GVI to thank for it.”

Thanks to you Gaby, for sharing such a great experience with us.