New Team Project

    Posted: March 28, 2017

    This year the Global Vision International (GVI) India hub is on an exciting adventure. GVI has set up a program which means that school, work and university groups can come join us for an interactive learning experience. This week a school group has come all the way from Canada to further their learning in international development and immerse themselves in a different culture. After an interview with our Groups Logistics Coordinator (GLC) we thought a run down of this program was in order.

    At the India Kerala hub our GLC and her staff are responsible for all teams coming to Kerala. This includes their program work, cultural activities, itinerary, weekend trips, health and safety and much more. The organising behind the scenes is incredibly extensive which is why we have a great staff team to support our Coordinator.

    The program entails a variety of project work depending on what each team is looking for. The Kerala hub specialises in Community Development which includes but is not limited to education, gender equality and construction. The specific project work of each team will depend on the length of their stay, the ages of the participants and their learning outcomes. Every team will be working with GVIs partners and towards GVIs objectives in their day to day activities. As GVI is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), each team can be sure that they are working on a project that is sustainable and empowering for the local community.

    Many potential teams may be unsure of the perfect length of time for them to spend in India. The details will all be discussed with our GLC who can give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision. There is a minimum stay time of two weeks however no maximum. One team has already booked on for two months which is something our team is really excited about!

    In addition to the important project work each group does, the cultural experiences also add an invaluable aspect to this program. GVI wants each of our teams to learn about the culture they’re visiting and explore as much of the surrounding sights as possible in order to have a truly holistic experience. Some of the cultural experiences that may be included are henna, yoga, bollywood dancing classes, martial arts show, Kathakali, Malayalam language classes, local tours, a backwaters trip, hiking trip in the western ghats and cooking lessons.

    Although each team will be different, one thing that will be the same for all everyone coming to work with GVI is the advice from our GLC. Record your trip in a way that will show how you and your team developed while you were here. Keep a journal, take photos, ask questions and take time to reflect. Make this journey one of discovery and you’re bound to pleasantly surprised.