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Nepal Earthquake Relief

By Marine and Erica 4 years ago
Categories Pokhara

We were so lucky to be safe in Pokhara when the main earthquake hit. Everyone in the house was able to immediately contact family and we could not see any damage near us. We had no idea of the wider effects within Nepal until we were able to see the news. Initially everyone’s main concern was aftershocks, so we stayed outside in wide open places and camped outside to be safe. Eventually when we realised how fortunate we were and it was a strange feeling, we had come to Nepal to help the community and it was hard to read about so much destruction so close to us, while still feeling cut off.

The staff were already making connections with local businesses and making plans to begin sending relief.  We were also concerned about keeping things as close to normal for the children of Pokhara and the importance of keeping the projects running to help the community recover. We played games and discussed emotions with the kids at Conversation Club and the boys at streets.

When the staff told us the plan to begin organising relief kits, we were all so excited to feel useful and connected. We began researching what would be the most useful items in a first aid kit and relief pack and split into groups to begin sourcing the best deals (and the right amount) for our first truckload. As others gathered, sorted and bagged donations that were coming in locally and our new purchases.

The first two trucks left last week, Saturday at 5:00am, heading to the villages around Gorkha that were badly hit by the earthquake. They were filled with supplies including hundreds of clothes that we sorted, first aid kits, hygiene packs, medications, tarpaulins, water,1250kg of rice, cooking supplies, shelters, sleeping mats, blankets etc, well welcomed in the villages, as this was the first help they had received since the earthquake struck.

This week, the projects we work on slowly reopened, children started to go back to school, and we were able to establish a rotation of who would go work on projects, and who would stay to help with the earthquake relief system, which included buying supplies, sorting clothes and materials. This way, a massive truck was able to leave on Friday morning, filled with more supplies targeted to other villages around Pokhara. As more donations are coming in, we’re hoping to be able to send out more trucks in our surroundings, in the next few weeks. Being part of this experience has been so enriching, and has made all of us grow much more mature.