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My time at Nyota

By 5 years ago
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My time at Nyota

I walked into the gates of Nyota for the very first time. I see all these children running around on their break time. I see their white pearly teeth through their big smiles waving as they are coming to greet me.  I felt so special and welcomed into their neat little community they call Nyota: meaning “shining star” the name all the children created and decided to call it.
Welcoming smiles from the younger students at Nyota   

I loved the children’s enthusiasm to learn each and every day. Something rare I would see back in Australia.

Volunteer Samantha with some of the students from Standard 7 

 With me, I had my support, Mr. Jonathan in each class: Standard 6, 7 and 8 where his constant dedication to the children’s education does not go unappreciated. I have loved working with the children, helping them with compositions, conditional sentences, role playing and helping them improve their reading and writing skills.

Standard 6  English lesson

 Not only did I spend time with the children I also spent time with the adults teaching them how to use a laptop. Their desire and eagerness to better themselves in society was amazing to watch and to be a part of, they all tried extremely hard.

Volunteer Samantha with the younger children

I thank GVI for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic project.

 By Samantha Haig