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My second visit to Huay Pakoot

By 5 years ago
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My second visit to Huay Pakoot
By Claire, Sydney Australia
My name is Clare, and I was a volunteer for four weeks in December 2011. I was lucky enough to be able to come back for two more weeks this January.
Coming back to the village, it’s been great to see the elephants thriving in the wild. The biggest change for me has been Bpee Mai – he has become so much more independent in the year that has passed. Last year he could often still be seen suckling from his mother Mana and although he liked to act grown­­‑up, he would always stay close by her side. I remember one memorable incident where the elephants were bathing in the lake – Mana and the others had gotten out of the water and although they were still right next to the lake, they were just out of view to Bpee Mai, who was still splashing about and having a great time. Suddenly he looked around and realizing he couldn’t see his mother freaked right out, trumpeting loudly and running around trying to find her. Of course she was very close by so they were quickly reunited, but I think Bpee Mai had quite a scare!
Now though, Bpee Mai can be seen wandering further and further away from his mother and although he’s still cheeky and mischievous as always, it’s clear that he’s definitely growing up.