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Monthly Achievement Report: Intermediate Students Accomplishments

By Jema Callaghan 4 years ago
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Provide volunteers and interns with the opportunity to develop both personal and professional skills within the field of education and community development
Increase the general level of English ability within the community
To increase access to employment opportunities and improve socio-economic status through improved English language skills
Increasing the percentage of female GVI Laos sponsorship recipients
GVI Laos has been working with its respective partners in Luang Prabang for five years. During this time a number of our students have continued to study with us and have reached a high intermediate level of English.


Over the course of the past two months, the Intermediate Library Novice class have been analysing the novel, ‘War House’, focusing on a new chapter each week. They have been using the text to illustrate a variety of vocabulary and grammar points, including similes and metaphors. The students have developed skills such as writing a synopsis, skim reading, predicting and inferring meaning using the context. The students have also completed character studies and discussed points of view.


April 2015 Library class

Novice Somchit studying with the Intermediate Library Novices


As well as studying the novel, the Library class have been holding weekly debates on a variety of topics including the implications of building a new road, whether ‘information is knowledge’ and whether or not all people should became vegetarians. During these debates the students have learnt how to formulate and present a coherent argument and field questions from the opposing side.


One of the Novice students dedicated much time and effort into applying for a scholarship to attend University abroad. Many GVI volunteers worked with him as he developed his written English application and held mock interviews with him in English. As a result of his hard work, Novice Somchit was awarded a full scholarship to study in Canada, starting mid-2015.


Two of GVI Laos’ female students have also achieved success through their dedication and access to high quality English lessons. Ms Khounkham, a female student sponsored through GVI Laos Charitable Trust, is nearing the completion of her Nursing Degree in Vientiane. Ms Moukdaphen, a female student at Xayadeth College, is combining her love of travel with her English and Lao language skills and has reached the third of five rounds of interviews to become a flight attendant with a local airline.


April 2015 Sue and yr 2 Student

Ms Moukdaphen practicing for her interview


It is highly rewarding to see the success these students are achieving and the development of the interns and volunteers at GVI as the level of English is improved in the community and the changes that occur as a result.



Written by Field Staff Member Jema