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Monthly Achievement Report: Charitable Trust

By Lindsey Fulton 4 years ago
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2015 Charitable Trust Mini Challenge


 To develop relationships with educational institutions and temples with the aim of increasing their ability to provide educational opportunities
 To establish ourselves as a valued and responsible organization in the community
 To assist local partner organizations to achieve their goals by providing volunteer teachers and other general assistance
 Provide authentic and life changing volunteering experiences to GVI volunteers
Every year GVI Laos host challenges in order to raise money for our Charitable Trust fund, which enables us to continue supporting Lao students’ education and quality of life.


For this year’s Charitable Trust Mini Challenge our volunteers joined together in teams to race each other around Luang Prabang, hunting down the temples that made this town a UNESCO world heritage destination! Along the way they learned a lot about the history of Luang Prabang and some more about Buddhist traditions and beliefs. Of course no competition is complete without a prize, so our volunteers were competing to win a medal plus a gift voucher to a relaxing pool and second place was an ice-cream voucher!


On Saturday morning our hardworking volunteers gathered together at the guesthouse where they received a map and a team booklet. Each team was tasked with finding as many of the temples in the booklet that they could, taking a respectful photo of their group as proof. After a quick strategy meeting with their fellow team members they left armed with all the essentials for temple hunting – sunscreen, water, hats, and maps. Some temples had bonus points available if the teams practiced speaking their Lao or answered a riddle. They had to race against the clock in order to return to the guesthouse on time so they wouldn’t risk disqualification.


Hot yet exhilarated, convinced that they had each won, our teams marched back through the finish line. There were 3 teams battling each other for the prize, and in the end Team Zen Hunters strategy to lose points and ride bicycles, visiting temples further out, proved victorious.


Our goal was to raise $1200 in order to purchase new textbooks across three year levels at Xayadeth College. In addition to purchasing new textbooks we plan to get the books copied so that each year level has a class set of books. Many students cannot afford to purchase a copy of the textbook, and by having a class set we can ensure every student has the best opportunity to learn.


Due to the very generous donations of volunteers, their friends and family we were able to reach our goal. We hope to have new text books purchased and in use for the next term at Xayadeth College. Thank YOU for helping us raise 105% of our goal- 1262.06 USD!


For more information please visit our Charitable Trust mini challenge webpage at:


Written by Field Staff Member Lindsey