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Mia's Life Swop

By 4 years ago
Categories Kerala


Having graduated with a very good degree from a prestigious university in the field I had studied (Construction Management & Surveying), I found myself in a very sensible, reliable, well paid, and ‘safe’ graduate job. So was I mad to quit the London life and sacrifice the painfully clear career path, for an unpaid role on the other side of the world in a completely different sector? Hell yes I was, but magnificently so. For the stability and security my graduate job ensured I’d tried to ignore the fact the largely tedious work was ultimately all to increase the CEO’s back balance and satisfy his ego.

Inevitably my conscious kicked in and it took 3 weeks to serve out my notice, pack up my house, buy a flight ticket and get to India. Once I’d accepted the Indian taxi driver’s style was safe and standard protocol; despite it being similar to that of Aaron Paul’s in Need For Speed (one of the many film choices on my earlier plane trip), the LA obstacles replaced with meandering cows and technicolor trucks; I relaxed and took in my first sights of India I immediately knew I’d made the right decision. The 3 weeks that have followed since my introduction to the Indian roads have been full of volunteers, scavenger hunts, excitable students, health & safety training, large amounts of some of the best food I’ve ever had, more training, sweating, admin, plans, ideas, shopping, research, mosquitos, colours, camels, cows and spice.

The work can be challenging and the fact that home, the office and the volunteers’ house are all the same place, means that no staff member is ever completely off duty. However, the people, the work and the reasons behind it; render any cons insignificant. Exciting things are happening in our India hub and the potential is great. My trading estate office feels like a different world and I can’t wait to see our projects and ideas grow, whilst gaining brilliant experience in an incredible company making sustainable and valuable changes across the globe.