Mahout Biographies - Patti Saiee

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Basic Information



Mahout for


Thong Dee


Date of Birth


Unknown date, 1958








Toopuh, Todee, Tingeh




Huay Pakoot





Patti Saiee, the oldest of the mahouts, has spent most of his life in Huay Pakoot. He never attended school, but rather spent his childhood helping his family in the rice fields. His family has a long history with elephants, owning them for over three centuries. They currently own four elephants (Thong Dee, Boon Mee, and Boon Mee’s two daughters). In 1973, (once Saiee reached the age of 15) his brother, who was a mahout at the time, showed him the ropes of mahoutship. Saiee began as Thong Dee’s mahout and, although he did take a few breaks to be a mahout to other elephants while he worked in camps for about 20 years, he remains Thong Dee’s mahout to this day. Saiee is unmarried, but enjoys the freedom of solitude. He has never left Thailand and does not plan on leaving the village. Saiee describes himself as quiet, shy, yet focused, and in his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and watching TV.


Fun Facts




Dream Job


Rice farmer


Favorite thing about being a mahout


Riding the elephants


Knowledge about medicinal plants


Yes (a lot)