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Our Lucky Day

By Vicky Jordan 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

It’s week three of four here on Curieuse Island and so far I think we could have had a little more luck than we’ve had. The weather definitely could have been better, especially since it is supposed to be the dry season. We had to reschedule a lot of surveys due to rain, like the shark survey this morning, which we’re going to do tomorrow instead (finger’s crossed!). And on all our “Wurtles” (beach patrols where we search for turtle tracks and nests), all we have found so far is one new nest, and two dead hatchlings during a nest excavation. Little did we know that luck would be on our side later today…


We went snorkeling again after lunch, which is one of my favorite things to do here and always the highlight of my week. It did not necessarily start off well since the sea was a bit choppy and there were storm clouds on the horizon. We went snorkeling at Petit Cour, which was very beautiful with the water so blue and crystal clear. I love how all the fish come so close and swim all around you; you’re always too slow to touch one though! There were lots of little neon blue fish, Longfin Spadefish (which are really big and look super funny) and then there were the Scissortail Sergeants that swim all around you.


While we were snorkeling around, Amy, one of the other volunteers, suddenly shouted that she’d seen a fin about 20m away. Out initial thought was that it might be a shark, which caused some of us, including me, swimming for the boat – although I like sharks and am fascinated by them, I think I would feel nervous about swimming with them!


So we were getting back on the boat when staff members James and Becky spotted it too, and told us that it was actually a dolphin! At that point, everyone’s immediate wish was to get back in the water to swim with them! Once we were all back in the boat, we drove off to see where they had gone. After driving around for a little while, we saw them again and realized there were a two, one quite a bit smaller than the other – we think it was a mother and baby. At first they kept their distance and swam around the boat about 10 metres away, but towards the end they were swimming just in front of our boat, playing around in the waves. So we saw them really, really close a few times, which was amazing! You can really tell how playful they are, they are just the coolest.


On top of all that, whilst watching the dolphins we also saw a Green turtle come up to breath. It was so cute, it put its head out of the water and then it looked like it saw us and dived back in really quickly. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see a turtle whilst snorkeling one day.


So even though it is raining again now, it has been a very exciting and eventful day here on Curieuse, and I think it’s safe to say we have been pretty lucky.