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A little bit of rain can't dampen our plans

By Charlie Frankpitt 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

The epic tale that is this blog begins during the weekend. So naturally it was a Friday morning. As a group we had made illustrious plans for our two days of freedom. This was to include a lovely snorkel to Secret Beach. A small cove a mere stone’s throw (if you can throw a stone about half a mile) from where our sturdy dive boat Manta was anchored. This was not to be, however, due to a phenomenon I am far too familiar with. As a Brit I have had some experience with rain and therefore it should have come as no surprise to me that the night before we were ready to embark on our adventure it had rained, and I mean it didn’t just rain. This was real wake-you-up-at-3am-because-you-thought-the-roof-above-you-was-going-to-collapse-from-sheer-force-of-will sort of rain. We awoke that morning to find grey clouds and wet everything. This put a slight damper on our plans as instead of a morning snorkel, followed by a trip to the local waterfall and a nice sunset trek up into the mountains to end off the day. We were forced to rethink our agenda. We instead decided to head to the local five star resort for a bit of relaxation. This was really quite nice as it was all complimentary. The first day breezed by in a whir of relaxation and naps, intermingled with attempts to find good wifi (an inherent struggle to all volunteers) and contact family and friends from back in our home lands. We did have to duck inside a few times when the rain decided it had been idle too long and wanted to show off again.
The second day arrived much like the first. In a cloud of rain and despair. We had made plans to hire a boat and go on a leisurely cruise around a few of the neighbouring islands. Really take in the scenery, but rain happened and it happened hard. We were not to be perturbed however. A second day of rain and doing nothing, no! We were hardened volunteers (it was our second week) and we would carry on regardless. We set out bright and early (well about ten, half past) for our complimentary breakfast at said five star resort then on to our boat trip. Upon arrival our captain was awaiting us in the car park by the resort. Alas! Our trip was not to be. We were told that the sea was too rough and we would go down like Kate and Leo if we went out that day.
A new plan was conceived and fast. Well not really a new plan but part of yesterdays plan moved to today. We would go to the waterfall instead. It had actually cleared up a bit so we set out with high hopes, and were rewarded when we arrived at the small secluded place (that every local and tourist knew of for a ten mile radius) that was the waterfall. By good fortune, or the fact that we had two of last months volunteers leading the way, we did not have to pay any of the ten ‘tour guides’ that we happened to run into. Instead our prestige as GVI members allowed us to bypass the guard and head straight to the water. This really was the highlight of the weekend we were alone (except for a Russian family) to mess around for a few hours. We spent time jumping off the rocks into the murky depths or playing an assortment of chase themed games to while away the time.
Finally it was time for us to leave for the finale of the evening. We were to go to a quaint little restaurant by the sea and enjoy a meal and cocktails with the staff. We left the waterfall and headed first to Ephilia (the five star resort I’ve mentioned but not actually named) for a brief while as it was closer to the restaurant and we really didn’t want to walk back to base. Finally dinner time rolled around (or four o’clock because we were hungry). We set out on what would be the strangest trip that I (and many others) have ever undertaken in the quest for food. It started as of course it would with rain. The sky had once again decided to give us a free shower. We set off along the beach towards our destination when our fearless Texan leader led us on our shortcut. This as it transpired was through the sea. We made a sharp right into the water, losing our last vestiges of dryness along the way. Plunging into the unknown! Our journey didn’t last long however as we finally emerged wet and dripping on the doorstep of our fine dining establishment. It was a picture of disgruntled surprise from our waiter upon seeing; two sopping wet Brits, a half drowned Canadian, a damp German, two saturated Aussies and a couple of less than dry Americans drip sea water on the nicely lacquered floor that was to be our eating establishment for the evening. Nevertheless we were accepted. We made a reservation and dripped our way over to a table.
We did remain relatively wet for the entire evening but had a lovely time eating a variety of food and when the staff arrived (late for reasons no man is yet to understand) it was really quite a joyous occasion and a great way to round off a damp weekend… Oh and the staff did leave us to walk home in the rain.
P.S- As I write this; it is raining.

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