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Beyond all Expectations

By Lisa Bergmann 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Stepping on to the plane – I felt a sense of nervousness but great excitement as well.  Something I had always wanted to do – live and work in Mexico, in the heart of the community and working with local children.


Upon arrival in Mexico I was excited about meeting all at my new home and the Ludoteca.  My main concern was my lack of Spanish as I knew very little.  I had nothing to worry about though as all are so friendly, warm and welcoming – and although it requires some work, even my Spanish is improving!


photo 4-001


Working with the children, planning and teaching lessons and activities on Green Action and English, as well as enjoying time to play has been the real highlight of my time so far.  In pairs we plan lessons on topics such as biodiversity and activities to support these lessons.  This week we made jaguar masks which the kids really enjoyed.




Outside of the Ludoteca the house is a great environment to be in and the group were so friendly and welcoming when I arrived.  We have spent time visiting Tulum to see the ancient ruins and Bacalar to visit the beautiful lagoon of 7 colors – not to be missed!  All my time exploring Playa and the surrounding areas has made me realize it really is such a beautiful part of the world to spend 8 weeks.


photo 2-001    photo 3-001


I’m genuinely excited to become more involved with the childcare projects and to explore all that the Yucatan peninsula and Mexico has to offer.