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Have you ever been Lionfish hunting?

By 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Our volunteer Josh, who stays in Pez Maya for 2 months,  explains us everything about our Lionfish derby in his blog! 


Last week was all about Lionfish. An invasive species in the Atlantic and Caribbean, we aimed to hunt, dissect and eat the ravenous predators all while raising money for earthquake stricken Nepal.


It was really great to see everyone get involved in harvesting a massive 18 Lionfish from our reefs as well as taking part in the lengthy dissection process afterwards. To get a perspective of just how hardy Lionfish are, one had managed to eat a mantis shrimp which cannot be kept in aquariums as they can smash glass with their punch.


Everyone was split into two teams for the day, The Avengers and The Guardians of the Reef, with a number of competitions to pick a winner. Points were awarded for the number of fish caught, their size, money raised as a team, blind spear assembly, pin the spear on the Lionfish as well as a cooking competition in the evening.


Despite the Guardians being the winners, both teams performed fantastically throughout the day with the lead changing numerous times. On that note, a massive thank you must be said to Rachel who organized everything and did an excellent job of adjudicating the competition without bias.


While the spear fishing was greatly rewarding, I think most of base would agree the most satisfying thing about our Lionfish Derby was the incredible amount of money we were able to raise. More than $800 was given by volunteers, staff, family and friends throughout the week which formed part of a $70,000 total raised by GVI as an organization and will be used to help Nepal directly via GVI´s base in the country.