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A Dream in Progression

By Linda Tong 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

As I boarded my flight bound for Cancun, Mexico, my heart was aflutter with a plethora of mixed emotions.


Trepidation. Disbelief. Excitement


My thoughts drifted back to 7 years ago, when I had spent all my free time researching and exploring the vast and varied options for volunteering overseas. It was a GVI Central and South American teaching program for 6 months that had really caught my eye. I’d already, at the time, worked with children, local and refugee alike, for almost 2 years and knew the power of a good education. So, when I got accepted to teach literacy and numeracy to underprivileged kids over 4 different Latin American countries for a duration of 6 months, excitement was definitely an understatement. Unfortunately though, timing wasn’t right then, and it was not to be.




But there on the plane, I felt 20 again. My anticipation to be immersed in a developing country, learning their language, culture and norms, understanding and making a positive impact on their communities, was finally coming to fruition.




I’m currently 3 weeks in, out of 8 over 2 countries, and though it’s not the same program I had my heart set on, it is so heart-warming all the same to know that those charities are now locally sustainable so that the GVI presence was no longer necessary. It makes all the work I’m doing now, so much more meaningful, as it is evident the impact that GVI has on the global community.




Highlights of my days here include Spanish lessons, cooking with locals, day trips to Tulum and Chichén Itzá, but they all pale in comparison to seeing the childrens’ eyes light up when you walk into the Ludoteca (literal translation: toy library, but I like to think of it as a safe haven for all children regardless of background, social status or who/what they know, to have a higher chance to grow and develop into more centered and fulfilled human beings, under the love and guidance of people who care for their education and well-being).




This experience at the very least, has reignited my passion for working with children of our world, and for our collective future. Mexico, thank you for the “picas” from mosquitoes, the “pica pica” of everything from your sauces to even your ice creams and the picante you put back into my life.


Next stop, Costa Rica! See you there 🙂