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Life as a staff intern

By Grant Baker - Staff Intern 4 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

I spent my first 3 months at Karongwe as a volunteer intern learning the in’s and out’s of how base is run and all that is involved with running a successful volunteer wildlife research project. After the 3 month volunteer phase interns were selected to join various projects around South Africa, I was lucky enough to be selected to stay at base as the Karongwe staff intern.


This responsibility came with a lot more freedom and a lot more work. As the base intern you are constantly working and helping out where ever you can. I am getting used to the 15 hour work days. There are multiple projects going on from camera traps to social media and creating activities for volunteers. I get to enjoy driving the vehicles around the reserve on my own to check on camera traps or do simple things like turning off the water pump.


The best is being able to drive to the reserve gate and go outside the reserve for my always amazing morning runs, I mean come on running in Africa is awesome!


It is very rewarding being apart of the staff team now, all the research and work being done feels like it’s going towards wildlife conservation and it’s a great feeling to know that your hard work is going towards something progressive. Being able to work closer to the rest of the staff team has also taught me a lot of things such as fixing tires and being more mechanical and understanding new methods of wildlife research. I enjoy learning new things everyday and everyday is different from the last. My imagination and innovation is being pushed constantly. New volunteers are full of questions and its great being able to help them knowing I was in their shoes just a few months ago.


With amazing drives, cool people, and the feeling of accomplishment this adventure is better than I expected. I’m just living the dream!