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The Life of a Jalova Volunteer

By Emma 4 years ago
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We all arrived at base camp on Saturday January 10th, and have had a fun-filled two weeks of training and surveys. The first week volunteers were trained for Forest Surveys, Canal Bird Surveys, Monkey Surveys, Jaguar Training, and Emergency First Responder Training by the amazing staff here at Jalova. Throughout the first week staff and volunteers found two new species. The Herring Gull and the Mangrove Cuckoo! We were all really excited about our new discoveries.


On surveys, one or two staff members take a few volunteers on the trails around base and we take down certain information depending on the survey. Monkey surveys are always an adventure! They’re off trail and usually you’re at least up to your waist in swampy waters surrounded by the jungle. Sometimes boots get stuck in mud or someone falls into the water, but we always have a good laugh afterwards!

During our down times, you’ll usually find volunteers either on the beach (on the chance it’s not raining) or reading on the porch of the dorms across from one another like old neighbors. Volunteers have also started doing some yoga classes in the new extension of the kitchen. Although, on Tuesday of this week, Frank Emily, and Natalie built a ping pong room in the extension and now it’s a new and improved ping pong court! It’s a very fun game and we tend to play it a lot to relax when we’re not on survey.


On Saturday, we too took a boat to Tortuguero Village where we visited the Sea Turtle Conservancy and learned about what GVI does when in turtle season. We also walked around the small strip of village and enjoyed the wifi, connecting with our family and friends.


Here’s to another jam packed week filled with lots of learning and exploring!


Yoga session in the chilling area. Gearing up for an afternoon of surveys

Yoga session in the chilling area. Gearing up for an afternoon of surveys