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Life a 1000 miles from anywhere

By Bobby Zoellner 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Camp life here in the Seychelles is a lot better than I had expected heading into this adventure. the island itself is very accommodating with very few poisonous land animals like snakes and spiders, and luckily since the mosquitos here don’t seem to have a taste for me I am not bothered by the wildlife on the day to day routine.

The volunteers and staff here are all really good people and the group has congealed into a tight knit community. Every one pitches in and everyone helps each other out, if you need help with something, someone will come and help you out pretty much immediately.

We also have been gifted with enough good cooks to be distributed throughout duty groups so that our meals are never ruined completely, maybe some extra soy sauce from time to time, but that is the only negative i have run into with camp cooking.

Despite living in the jungle on the equator it actually cools down a decent amount at night and since i have arrived here there have been many thunderstorms to cool it down even more, no need for air-conditioning here!
At first i felt so far away from home when i walked up to the camp alone a day late, but within a day i felt the camaraderie between the entire group, and with every barbecue night we get closer and closer, i will definitely be sad to see part of this group leave as we enter the next month, and i will be sad to leave camp at the end of my time.