Lesson Planning Thai Style

By Sophie Lemberger 4 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

Sitting by the beach, listening to the waves and eating Thai green curry. Welcome to lesson planning Thai style! Nearing the end of our two weeks and we’ve experienced a range of children from kindergarten to teenagers.


Lessons were mostly fun, sometimes character building! Don’t expect to be teaching full time, as lessons are spread over the week with usually one or two a day (gives you chance to plan and write up feedback). If you think you’re going to hide in a corner with a small group, think again. With a fellow volunteer you’ll be teaching one hour lessons to whole classes…but don’t panic! There’s training and observations first and always GVI staff to give advice and support back at base. Not forgetting the free weekends where we went off and did our own thing: sea canoeing, island hopping, snorkelling, trekking and even a Thai cookery course. An amazing and unforgettable experience!


Wendy Lampert – Teaching children volunteer