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Kids Club

By Tess Prendergast - Volunteer 4 years ago
Categories Fiji Islands

While the kids had their two week break for school holidays, we took the opportunity to bring Kids Club to some of Silana’s neighbouring villages. With the Coca Cola games just on(Athletics Championship for all the schools in Fiji) we decided to run GVI’s own version with various different events. I think the combination of some fairly ridiculous events and the competitive nature of Fijian children made for a great afternoon in all of the villages we visited, including Driti, Delakado and Nasinu.IMG_2376The first afternoon of our GVI games was held in Driti Village. After our Blue, Green and Red teams were assigned and team banners were made we were ready to begin. The first event was a wheelbarrow race, while the kids were racing the rest of the team was on the sidelines cheering, this created such a great atmosphere and really made the afternoon so much fun. I may be biased, however I do feel my Red team was by far the most enthusiastic .It was very entertaining watching all the gorgeous kids compete and we soon gathered a crowd of spectators from the village, I’m sure this had nothing to do with the high proportion of kids running so fast they were toppling over each other! The next event was a three legged race, which again featured many falls, until some of the teams worked out that if they went slightly slower and tried to work together they were more likely to win the race; others still went full pelt and tried to win the most spectacular stack rather than the race itself.IMG_2166 (2)

We also ran GVI’s take on shot-put: The Coconut Toss. Once the technique (of not having a full run up and pelting the coconut over arm) was established all the kids did quite well and the event was completed with zero coconut related injuries, which was a win for everybody.


Our next event was a balloon race where the kids had to be first to cross the line, running with a balloon between their legs. Once the balloons were cracked out the excitement level increased even more! While kids were competing there was an awful lot of chasing, bopping and mostly popping of balloons on the sidelines.PhototasticCollage-2015-05-18-07-55-53

The last race was a sack race and was definitely one of the favourites amongst kids and spectators alike. After the older kids had finished their races they were eagerly helping the little kids from their teams in and out of the sacks as well as getting them to practice jumping before they raced, which was lovely to see. After watching, some of the secondary school kids sheepishly asked of they could race the volunteers after kids club, surprise surprise: the Fijians beat GVI!


A medal presentation was held after the kids had competed in all of the events. They were sitting very quietly and attentive (by Fiji standards!) in their teams and were obviously taking it quite seriously. To all the volunteers who spent a solid four hours making medals for the week, it was really nice to see how much they were appreciated. After the count up was complete, the Green team was named the champions of the 2015 Driti GVI Games. I think after being asked to come back the next day to run another kids club, the GVI Games was also named a very successful Kids club for everybody involved!