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My GVI adventure in Mexico

By Kelsey Flynn 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

Before arriving at the GVI house I was both nervous and excited. Nervous because I wasn’t really sure what to expect but excited because I have never done anything like this before! I signed up for the one month internship programme. I’m a high school teacher back home so working with children and teaching comes naturally to me. I also worked with a holiday programme working with autistic children before I came over to get some experience working with children with special needs. This is not necessary but I would recommend trying to do something like this just so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you get here.




I have loved every minute of my experience so far. Ludoteca is part of a community centre where children go either before or after school to learn, play and chill out. We go along and help the children with homework and give lessons to teach them English and about the environment. They know very little English and I know very little Spanish so communication can be tricky but the Spanish lessons provided really help. Being able to help with geography homework and ask where a country or city was, was a really fun experience for both me and one of the kids who ran up to me the following day reciting all the seven continents.




Esculita has been even more amazing. This school for special needs children doesn’t have a lot of resources but have done absolutely amazing work with what they have. Helping out with sensory therapy and Aqua therapy have been highlights for me. The children are so aware and so smart and it just goes to show that disabilities are only a problem if you make them that way. I had been think of getting my masters in a few years and working with this programme has made me think of getting it in special education.




These last two weeks have gone by so quickly and with my weekends filling up with trips away I have very little time to myself but I like it that way. Every day is busy and it makes the time fly by. I’m already getting sad to leave here and the GVI family but I have had a wonderful experience and am already planning my next volunteer trip!