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The Journey, The Life

By Franca VB and George W 3 years ago
Categories Jalova

The journey doesn´t start at the airport of San Jose, it starts with leaving your home behind- this is where the journey becomes real. Volunteers would leave their homes behind and meet new faces for the first time.
The mixture of different countries make for great initial conversation between volunteers-making the journey to Jalova fly by. However none of us were fully prepared for what base had in store.



Life at base has a variety of culture shocks to keep on your toes throughout the day. There are o other people around except for those already on base. So a pleasant surprise to see the next door neighbour and coconut farmer pass by. From bats inhabiting the bathrooms, to the varying species of anoles freely roaming around camp there is always much to see.

The potential for spiders, scorpions and snakes popping up is rare but does not take away from our enjoyment. The heat however is occasionally difficult to handle especially when dripping with sweat, and the initial surprise at the cold showers, The fact that there is no electricity apart from a short period of time takes a bit of time to adjust too.



Everything here is about the conservation of resources and wildlife, which is the reason we all bond together. The first week is all about the training which allows us the opportunity to build up the knowledge and assist with surveys in the future. Learning about the different projects has been great, in particular getting to participate in all the surveys and basking in nature´s wonders.
We are happy you are following our adventures and keep an eye out for the next instalment!


Bonding and Birding

Bonding and Birding