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Adventure, Teaching and Traveling!

By Jennifer Flight 3 years ago
Categories Yucatan

As my time here in Mexico comes to an end, I wanted to reflect on my two short, but incredible, weeks! I was slightly apprehensive in the weeks leading up to my trip. Having booked it seven months beforehand, it seemed to come around very quickly. However it was clear as soon as I arrived that I had no reason to be concerned.




I was made to feel very welcome in the house, with the staff and other volunteers being very enthusiastic and keen to answer any questions or queries I might have had.  After a few days of emergency first response training, I was finally ready to go to the Ludoteca for the first time, where I would be delivering a green action class on the importance of trees to humans and animals. The children were all very cooperative and enthusiastic, and seemed to really engage with the class; we even got to go to the local park to water some trees ourselves!




This first day at the Ludoteca gave me a lot of confidence going forward, especially in my Spanish ­speaking ability, which seemed to be further develop from my A-Level studies. I also spent a morning at the special needs school. This was very inspiring, as the staff who worked there were able to do such good work with so few resources. Aside from the project work, I was able to experience various other excursions, such as snorkeling, swimming with turtles and climbing up the Coba ruins. Additionally, I even participated in a salsa dance class which was surprisingly fun! All in all, my experience in Mexico with GVI has exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely look to volunteer with them in the future, however for a longer time than two weeks!