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The Newest Recruit

By Jemma Hall 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

As the newest recruit to GVI Mexico and now with nearly 3 weeks under my belt, naturally I have a lot of ground to cover!  My time has really flown by so far and already has been filled with so many colorful experiences.




I’ve been welcomed into GVI and the Ludoteca by the kids and staff alike and, it has been great to feel settled into Ludo life. As part of the Arts and Childcare program I have been able to utilize my creativity into the sessions, whether in group activity or simply by updating some of the decorative bits around the Ludoteca. Creative by nature this has been great fun for me, and I am looking forward to putting together a proposal that can incorporate everything the kids have been learning so far, fusing it into something exciting and arty! The project has proven very versatile and has thrown me something different each day, with this week being able to contribute to the weekly green action sessions. Green action has proved a really successful area of the project, with the kids getting fully involved in the lessons you have put time into preparing for them. It felt very rewarding today to have the class discuss this week’s topic of ‘Natural Disasters’ with confidence and enthusiasm. Admittedly my attempt at Spanish leaves much to be desired, but I’m working on it!




As much as my voluntary participation makes up a lot of my time here, it is of course of equal importance to share my adventures outside of the Ludoteca! Weekends have been dedicated to roaming new areas and having clued ourselves up on the Mayan ruins in Tulum last weekend, it was time to seek solstice in the form of the local cenotes. Yucatan is renowned for the majestic sink holes that come spilling out from eroded limestone caves, and they really are just as amazing as Google images suggest. A local hangout, cenote Cristalino still maintained a sweet level of serenity and was the ideal way to have a Sunday chill. Bobbing through the clearest (and coldest) of waters, I was also provided with secret relief for my poor sunburnt skin!




With just short of a month left to go, I am looking forward to what GVI and Mexico has in store. Also a massive thanks to Sergio at Playa Lingua for your patience in finally getting me to string a coherent sentence of Spanish together!