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Identity through Art - Art Project in Playa Del Carmen

By Jemma Hall 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

For the past couple of weeks I have been working towards providing the kids at the Ludoteca with an art project exploring the theme of identity. The ludoteca has a strong focus on ensuring that the kids discuss given topics throughout the week, this has included the importance of family and issues surrounding gender. I wanted to create a project that would incorporate these topics as they are so crucial to the childrens development and understanding of life around them. Additionally with the work that we have put in to green actions and becoming more aware of their environment, I thought it would be a great idea to explore identity and what is important to them as individuals. The first step was to submit a short proposal to the ludotecarias including my objective, how I attended to achieve it, what materials I would need and the time frame needed to complete the project. Predominantly for assessing the suitability of the project, it was also a good opportunity for them to be able to make suggestions for anything they felt would benefit from being included.


The main objective was for each child to create a personal response to identity using the medium of collage. After collating images from various magazines and newspapers, and gathering all the materials from the art room it was time to put the proposal in to practice. Various pictures of sports, cartoons, food, family, the environment, culture and even space decorated the table ready for the kids to take their pick. To make the pieces that bit more personal I decided to photograph each child and draw their image on to their own blank canvas. The idea then being that the collage would come out the top like a creative brain wave! Even before the collages had commenced each piece radiated individuality, sharing an insight to each of their vibrant personalities through a variety of poses.


The table was set up with the pre drawn faces and it was great to see them rushing over to themselves -thankfully very pleased with the result! I don’t think any of us have seen them as a whole work so concisely and with such care, it was a great sight to see. Most of all it felt very rewarding to see them genuinely enjoy the task I had been working out over the past couple of weeks. Luckily we have allocated some of tomorrows session to completing their masterpieces and it will be a great way to conclude my time at the Ludoteca. I look forward to seeing ludo decorated with all their smiley works of art, and even more so for them to be added to with the new children that join in the future!