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The Highlights of Volunteering

By Jason Williams 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

One month into my three-month internship and I have already experience many wonderful things and made some truly amazing new friends each special in their own unique way.


Although we are very unique everybody here, either as a volunteer, intern or paid employee, share a few common desires, which was evident from day one.


The first is the desire to learn from and embrace each other’s beliefs and culture. The days and nights are constantly filled with questions about each other’s culture, beliefs and home countries making the house a very easy place to learn and engage in friendships on a deeper level, which I personaly think is an amazing way to learn and make friends.




The second is the desire to make a contribution and lasting impact with all those we work with.




To me these two things, along with the amazing people I have worked alongside, have made my experience greater then I could have imagined and I would certainly recommend volunteering.


Two of the highlights from my time spent working in the “Ludo” are performing a play for the children and staff, which saw me dressed as a teacher wearing a beautiful purple dress chosen by the staff of the Ludoteca. Believe me when I say that I was against wearing a dress and playing a female teacher in the play but when I saw the smiles on the children’s faces and heard their laughter it was a moment that I wont forget.




The next highlight occurs every day. Every day that you walk into the “Ludo” I, along with the other volunteers are greeted by beautiful smiling faces, a kiss on the cheek and hug from the children and staff. I couldn’t think of a more warming way to start a day.




So again I say If you are eager to learn more about your area of interest, cultures other then your own and want an experience like no other then I would tell you that volunteering is certainly something you should do.


Jason Williams