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Inundated with adorableness!!

By Brooklyn Norton 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

For the past two weeks we have been inundated with adorable sights! Where do I begin…

1. Even though turtle season is nearly over we’ve been lucky enough to have seen 8 Green and 12 Hawksbill hatchlings! We came across the Green nest first – Becky noticed a dip in the sand, and as she looked a little closer she spotted a Green emerging from the sand! And before we knew it our hands were full of hatchlings. (We continued with the excavation because all the hatchlings were stuck in roots in the nest). I couldn’t believe firstly how adorable they were, and secondly how much energy they had. I so desperately wanted to keep one in my pocket but I knew it was time to release them. It was amazing to be able to watch them embark on the start of their journey. I took many many videos of them flapping there little flippers towards the sea. A few days later when we were excavating an old Hawksbill nest, I noticed something moving deep in the sand, and it was a hatchling still half in its egg! (Sometimes one takes a bit longer to hatch than it’s siblings). I couldn’t contain my excitement or maternal instinct, I didn’t want to let it go, I was desperate for more hatchling cuddles!
2. Today we visited Valle De Mai, home to the only population of Black Parrots in the world. There’re only around 500-800 left and we were lucky enough to see three! The tour-guide pointed the first one out and told us that they are said to bring good luck! They are a lot smaller than I imagined which makes them even harder to spot but they have very cheeky faces!
3. During week one we snorkeled around Anse Laraie, it was a really sunny day and the water was so beautifully clear. We came across the most peaceful juvenile Hawksbill, it let us take lots of videos and swim with him for around ten minutes, we were all in awe!
4. There are so many cute sights on Curieuse it would be far too hard to pick the cutest, but a definite close contender would be the Giant Tortoises on the island. They have the most smiley resting face, and for the majority of the time look really pleased to see you, especially if you have coco plum or leaves in hand! On Sunday, Victoria and I decided to spend some of the day at the Rangers Station, where 80% of the island’s tortoises live. We took plenty of tortoise selfies and the tortoises are only too happy to pose and oblige. They would give Derek Zoolander a run for his money.