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An introduction

By Queposbasemanager 4 years ago
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The first week was very exciting and super interesting. We now started the Jumpstart program in three elementary schools around Quepos. The volunteer groups is separated in two, where you are either teach at El Cocal school or Damas and then the whole volunteer group is involved with Roncador school. I was assigned to El Cocal and I couldn’t have been happier. The school is situated in small community across the river. The environment instantly changes as you step off the boat; dirt roads, kids running around and people immediately recognizing us with our blue GVI volunteer shirts.


Entrance to Cocal when you first arrive, at this time decorated for the Kite Festival

Teaching the kids at El Cocal is a definitely a challenge sometimes, but it is always rewarding because the kids always enjoy themselves. The Workshop is divided in three blocks: 1 hour for English, one hour for arts and then the last hour for sports. I especially remember this one activity we had conducted for sports which the kids had absolutely loved. We had planned an obstacle course race outside close to the beach. It included some things like volcano islands, mission impossible strings, hoola hoop jumps, army style crawling under a tarp and much much more! All through the tasks the kids had to carry around with them a coconut which they then had to pass on to the next person in line so they could continue the race. They did not want to stop playing! That experience was great for me because we had put a lot of effort into planning and setting it up with all the materials and the result was just so amazing! Although the day had started a bit bumpy, it finished on a really good note. The most important part was for the kids to have fun and when the workshop finished they couldn’t wait to come back next time.


Catherine chasing a student that’s trying to escape during the game ‘Lobo lobo’


My time at GVI is coming to an end, but I am leaving with so much more than I came here with. This is also a great place to learn Spanish or simply to improve on it. I loved my experience here & will cherish the memories for a long time.



Spent a day cleaning up our new GVI house, and as so many other times ending in a silly picture