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New Experiences Everyday

By Holly Gibson and Bethany Murphy 4 years ago
Categories Yucatan

We are in our third week of our four here in Mexico and time has  just flown by! Coming from the UK, Playa del Carmen was quite a shock! The heat, humidity and culture are just some of the many differences. But despite the culture shock, which has only made the experience more enjoyable and worthwhile, our time in Mexico has been unforgettable.

Both Holly and I enrolled in the Child Care project, working in a local Ludoteca with children ranging from 6 to 12 years, with neither of us knowing exactly what to expect! Being thrown into a room of energetic children was probably one of the most daunting experiences we have yet to encounter, especially into a room of children who speak no English. Having Spanish as a second language though has proved to be a real godsend and being surrounded by native speakers of the language has really helped to improve our fluency and confidence in speaking.






However, all the children have great personalities, with most of them showing a real desire to learn the many vital and relevant topics that the Ludo teaches. For instance, their thirst to improve their English and practice words they have learnt whenever possible.








As well as working with the children, as volunteers Holly and I have been preparing weekly classes in both English and Green Action, the latter teaching awareness in topics ranging from global warming to natural disasters. It has been such a rewarding experience to see the faces of the kids light up every day and to know that we have been making a difference. Furthermore, Holly also helped out with the Equine Therapy that is run by the local special needs school, seeing the benefits of the rhythm of riding a horse- aiding pupils in feeling comfortable and relaxed with a professional therapist while doing physio exercises- and finding it really rewarding that, with GVI’s help, students of all abilities are able to have so many valuable experiences.

In addition to the project itself, we have had the pleasure of meeting a range of interesting and passionate people from different cultures and countries, making some unforgettable friends! We have shared many experiences, such as attending Salsa classes in the town and being taught to cook some of the Yucatan’s local delicacies in weekly cooking classes!

In addition to all this, we’ve also managed to do some touristic traveling around the area, such as swimming in a cenote, visiting Chichen Itza and swimming with turtles in Akumal. We are also super excited to visit Holbox this weekend to swim with Whale Sharks and relax on the island.




Overall, our time Mexico has been incredible and we look forward to our final week here before I return to England and Holly goes on to Costa Rica to join another GVI project. ¡Hasta la próxima!