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Heritage Day Celebrations at Karongwe

By Vicky Houston, Karongwe Intern 5 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

One word to descried today “INCREDIBLE”

Today GVI was invited to celebrate Heritage Day at a local village “The Oaks” where the local children got together and read poems, danced and sang some songs.

The poems were about themselves and how far they have come in life and how far South Africa has come, which was really interesting to listen to. They also did a traditional South African dance call “Gum Boots Dance” which was developed by men working in the mines. At this point I can honestly say that I was smiling so much that my cheeks started to hurt. The dancing was amazing but they also added humour to the dance and when they were singing I had that moment where every hair on my arms stood up, I had goose bumps and a shiver went down my spine. They were incredible, they were so amazing. I LOVED every minute of it and didn’t want the show to end. I could have watched them do their local dancing and singing all day.

After the show I spent time playing and running around with some of the local children and had a tour of the village, again, this was amazing. Everyone was so friendly and smiling all the time. I played a local game with the kids called “Train Train” it was so much fun. I can just see their little faces now with big smiles and laughing out loud. This moment was so priceless to see and I had not smiled that much for a long time.

The Oaks is an amazing village thank you!