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A Happy Month with Happy Kids

By Sofia Wranding 4 years ago
Categories Phang Nga

Hello! I really enjoy my time here in Ban Nam Khem. Everything is so good, and really exceeded my expectations before I came here. It is really fun to teach and all the students are so kind, happy and cute. The students are very involved in the lessons and really want to learn. It makes it even more fun to teach. On Thursdays we have different games and sports activities for children, which is great fun and beautiful end to the week.


All the volunteers here in Ban Nam Khem are so wonderful. I have really found friends for life. The staff here at GVI are also so helpful, funny and kind. And even the food and the weather is fantastic. In other words, my stay here can´t be better. I don´t want to go home yet!!


Written by Sofia Wranding (Sweden), 4 week Teaching Children volunteer