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GVI Karongwe Top Three Moments

By Amberley Durst - Karongwe Intern 4 years ago
Categories Limpopo and KZN

Over the past few months I have been privileged to spend my time here on Karongwe Game Reserve. It really is another way of life living out here, you are able to step back a bit and not rely so much on technology and such big luxuries and just have a simpler way of living. I am pleased to be able to share my absolute top three moments that I will never forget spent on this reserve.

During our stay in the first month it was actually our party night so we weren’t in bed so early just kind of hanging around the veranda when we heard some rustling. With anticipation everyone quick jumped from the couches to the window areas to find that the elephants had come down south and to our base for a visit! We had the whole herd in the backyard and just sat and laughed as we watched our poor vegetable garden get gobbled up and some laundry on the line get knocked around! There was even more excitement happening at the front of the house because our three big bulls were doing a little dance around the vehicles so they could chomp away on our Marula trees. It’s an amazing experience to have the elephants so close to you while you are on the back of a vehicle but it is another level when you are on foot and they are metres away from your front door step. Everyone spent at least a couple hours up with the elephants and personally it will be a feeling of excitement and memory that I will never forget.


To add to the first month of excitement I also got to experience my first African thunder and lightning storm. At home (Ontario, Canada) we have storms like anybody else but this was a moment where there hadn’t been any rain lately and everyone was wishing upon it to come, and when it did it came guns blowing! Everyone sat down cuddling in blankets from the cold wind like it was a movie night and pretty soon it ended up all the cushions and blankets being in the next room because the rain was so much we were drenched from head to toe while in the veranda. There was lightning every couple seconds and it went from night to day as it stretched from one side of the sky to another, the roar from both the lightning and thunder were deafening and the lightning was blinding but it was such a beautiful sight you couldn’t bear to look away! This was one of those nights no matter what time you had to get up in the morning you had to stay up and watch the show it was so spectacular!


Our only male lion sometimes likes to stray from the pride and spend a little time by himself in one of the farms called Chipembere, and one evening it was getting close to the end of the drive but we knew where he was so of course we had to go see the handsome man. Even though we stopped a respectful distance from him he decided to give us a lovely surprise and walk so close to the vehicle you were able to look him directly in the eye. When he was out of sight because he continued on his journey we had a feeling of where he was going so we met up there and there we were serenaded. As we sat there for about twenty minutes with this majestic animal he roared about eighty percent of the time, when hearing a roar come straight from the belly and is so loud the sound stretches for kilometres it is a speechless moment. This was not the first time I had seen our male lion but it is certainly a time I will not forget!

subby roaring

There are so many wonderful things about being on Karongwe and the stories could go on and on but for me personally these were some lifetime experiences that I will never forget and am so blessed to have had!