Greg's amazing day at Community Program in Playa del Carmen

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Voice from the field,  Jun 21, 2013 – Greg

I started my day with a Spanish lesson at 8am. The center we learn in is in an amazing place, surrounded by palms and hammocks. The teachers and students have a great relationship and I can feel myself improving. After this, with the other volunteers, we headed for lunch at a little Mexican spot near the center of town. I had chicken in a chocolate sauce (mole) which was amazing. The food is such good quality and is so cheap here!

After lunch, it was time to get ready for the Ludoteca. We got a Collectivo there (a small Mexican bus) and on arrival, had around 20 kids eagerly waiting. The children are all so polite and kind- although a few of the young ones can be a little wild sometimes! We helped them with their homework and played games with them, such as bowling, before it was home-time.

We headed home for a nice home cooked meal before an early night- looking after all those kids really takes its toll!