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Great ending to a great experience

By 3 years ago
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This week is the final blog of our group before a new host of volunteers come to Pez Maya in this weeks blog jeff talks about his fond memories and last words for his time in Pez Maya.


Crap, it finally happened.  I was hoping to make it through my entire Pez Maya experience without having to write a blog.  I was cornered so I will make the best of it.



Here are some recent P.M. happenings.  Last Sunday our group participate in an event called the Bravest Race.  Twelve of us all running through the jungle, over obstacles, swimming in underground rivers, climbing walls, all for the benefit  of Save Children in Playa del Carmen.  Thanks to friends and family, we were able to raise 500 pounds.  I asm not sure what that is in U.S. dollars, but were are proud just the same.  A special thank you to former volunteer, Angus.  His last minute donation put us over the goal we had established.



Last week we said goodbye to some special people. Emilia came to Pez Maya as an intern, went on to XTC dive center to acquire her Divemaster certification and came back as a scholar.  She is going back home to South Africa to continue her career in conservation.  We already miss her boat operation, great attitude and South African slang.



We also said good bye to Hazel who has been an integral part of our family.  She is moving on to another GVI program in Costa Rica. In my time here, I have gotten to know and say goodbye to some very special people.  Angus, Alex, Chepis, Leah, Molly, Katie, Emily, and Nic.



In other news, we were able to finish all our monitoring sites.  Today, we finished la Colonia 20.  It took three boat trips of 25 kilometers to get them all, but we did it!  Woo Hoo!  It took a tremendous effort from the staff and volunteers to make that happen.



Next week, we start our next phase.  Paula, Matt, Mario and I will be heading to XTC dive center to continue our program.  Paula and Matt will get their Dive Master . Mario and I will be getting our instructor certifications.  Clarisse and Dan will join us there for a short time and then continue with their travels We are looking forward to the new challenge, but will miss P.M.  I would like to thank Jodie, Jim, Kerry, Eugene, Sam, Andy, Adam and Craig for all they do every day.



If you are reading this, you are probably considering coming to Pez Maya.  If you do, be prepared to work hard, play hard, dive a lot, eat lots of sweet potato and the insects.  All is good and you get used to life here very quickly.  It is a great experience and I whole heartedly recommend coming.



So for now, it is Adios amigas y amigos.  Have fun and enjoy!