Grade Rs Graduate

By Cheryl Martin 4 years ago
Categories Cape Town


What a delight it was to see the Nceduluntu Grade R students graduate last Friday. When we think back to early in the year when they seemed so young and were just getting the idea of Grade R and then look at the end of the year and see a group of independent children ready to head off to Primary School, the progress is amazing.

In South Africa, Grade R is an extremely important year for the students. This is a time where they prepare for school. They learn the routines of school. They learn the basics of numeracy and literacy and other subjects and also they learn to work together as a group. The children learn in their Home Language Xhosa and also in English.

Our volunteers provide support at Grade R with the Literacy and Numeracy work but also with themes. We have contributed to topics of healthy eating, keeping safe, our body, winter, spring and the list goes on. Music time has also been an important part of our input as we model English language through songs and rhymes.

Graduation day is approached with great excitement by the children. The children arrived looking smart but then soon before the ceremony, the parents took their children aside and dressed them in their graduation dresses. The boys mainly in suits and the girls were in mainly in white dresses. They all looked so grown up! After posing for their photos they then put on their graduation gowns and were presented with certificates and a gift. Following the presentation, they all jumped on board the bus and headed off for their celebration lunch near the beach.

The children had a great time and the volunteers had a great experience seeing what an important time Grade R is for the children and parents. We wish all the children from Nceduluntu a great first year at school in 2014 and congratulate Grace on the great job she does teaching the Grade R children.

Cheryl Martin