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Getting settled in to life in paradise

By Lovisa Jern 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Last Saturday, 27 of June, 8 new volunteers arrived to the base. After two days with lessons and Emergency First Response training they were ready for their first dive. While the new volunteers did their first dive, the 4 volunteers who were still here from last month continued their surveys and point-outs.

Tuesday was a day for learning and understanding for the new volunteers. All 8 of them had lessons about fish or corals and the goal was to name as many as possible. All volunteers did one dive during this day, some did their surveys and point-outs while others continued their Advanced Open Water course with a Peak performance buoyancy dive. 4 volunteers went snorkelling in the afternoon with children from the local President’s village. The other stayed at base to cook dinner, clean and have loads of fun.

During Wednesday Andy, now one of the past Base Managers, left the base after being here for over a year. Mariana is now taking over as the new base manager. Also during Wednesday 4 volunteers went to the international school of Seychelles to teach children about the ocean and marine conservation. Next week is the last change to meet the children before they go on break. The dives continued during the afternoons, but during the mid-day when there is low-tide no dives are possible. This leaves time for the volunteers to go on lessons and practice their skills about coral and fish. Hopefully they will start their surveys in a week or two.

The new volunteers are getting used to the life on base and they are all about what exited about what the next day will offer. This weekend all of the volunteers are leaving base for a nice chill-out in Beau Vallon together.