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Progression On Fish Identification

By 3 years ago
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Pez Maya eh….what an awesome place!!  My first two weeks on base have flown by.  Probably due to how much we have been doing; different fish/coral species training, diving once or twice a day every day, daily duties, lectures, workshops..etc etc.



So before the internship starts, the volunteers are either assigned fish or coral.  Luckily enough, I became a part of the FISH TEAM!  As soon as I found out I was a part of team fish, I began learning the 70 (ish) target species of fish which give the best indication of how healthy the reef is.



In just these past two weeks, I’ve learnt all the species of fish, passed the fish exam and passed my fish sizes!  Now I’m practicing fish monitoring!  It’s crazy how much I’ve done in such a short time span.  Anyways, enough about fish…let’s talk about the diving!



The Mesoamerican reef is truly spectacular.  From the variety of amazing fish to the differences of all the coral, there are so many dive sites at Pez Maya that no dive is the same!  Each dive is a completely new experience.



We have just had our lecture on incidental sightings yesterday (the megafauna you may see on a dive) but some of the volunteers have already seen turtles and rays!  Hopefully before the internship is up, I will see a bull shark or a nurse shark.  Who doesn’t want to share their personal space with a shark, right?!?  Or a pod of dolphins would be nice.



Sorry to ramble on so much, I’ll wrap this up.  My first week has been amazing.  It’s been tiring, sweaty, mosquito infested, but awesome!  The paradise above land and below land that is Pez Maya is such a beautiful place.  In 13 days I’ve gone from sharing my experiences to 14 volunteers, to sharing my experiences with 14 close friends.  Cliché I know, but true.



If you have reached this point, I’d like to say thank you for staying with me!  So thank you for reading.