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First impressions...

By Laura McGowan, healthcare volunteer 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Nothing can truly prepare you to enter the life of volunteering. I have had the most incredible experience working on the life changing projects in South Africa alongside GVI coordinators and volunteers as well as the many people who live and work in the township.


The projects alone and what they stand for, empower you hugely. GVI stands for supporting and working alongside the locals in order t help them grow and develop as a community, in the hope that they will one day be able to do this without our help. In my two weeks here i have watched this happen through education, guidance, support and direction. I really feel that I, alongside my new GVI friends, have started to equip these people with the skills and knowledge to build on.


As a volunteers for however long or short you choose to come, if you can make a small difference to one life, you have contributed to the end goal. It is thrilling and extremely satisfying to be a part of. GVI has helped me grow in confidence, excel in positivity and experience a vastly different culture from my own. If you are thinkin about volunteering, but aren’t sure…DO IT. You will play a vital part in changing lives, and in turn, changing your own.