First day of English camp.

By 5 years ago
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Last week we started with an English camp in a village called Baan Put Teaw near Takua Pa. The subject for the whole week was Healthcare, which included topics such as Thai wildlife, first aid, dengue and recycling. We had three different age groups, the youngest being five years old. Aswell teaching we also did crafts and sports. I had the chance to teach the recycling lesson and it was awesome. We started drilling the words can, plastic bottle, yoke, rubber bands and other similer items. We then played a game named “Slap It” basically you have two teams, one member of each team tries to slap the right flashcard with a fly swat, the player to slap it first earns their team a point. They had a lot of fun and remembered the words very quickly. After that we went through the word cards and let them match the pictures with the words. When they succeeded we prepared another practise activity. We stuck pictures of the litter onto little frisbees and scattered them all over the classroom. We shouted out a specific litter and the students had to run to the right one in the colour of their team and throw it from about 1 metre into the bin. They were very enthusiastic and managed it very well.  The next stage was teaching them the two sentences “Where do you throw your trash?” and “I throw my trash into the bin.” And finally we played the “over and under” game. The students built two lines and each line got a specific litter on it. They had to hand it backwards over and under their bodies until the last person in the line got it saying the sentence “I throw my trash into the bin. The first line who manage it got a point and the students went louder after every frisbee. It was definitely a first for them to have so much fun throwing litter into the right place.

Alex (Teaching children project)