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A few of our favourite things

By Volunteers and interns 4 years ago
Categories Chiang Mai

As we prepare to say goodbye to another group of volunteers, everyone started reflecting on their favourite things about GVI Chiang Mai – and here are the results!


My favourite thing about GVI Chiang Mai is…


… seeing generations of elephants together as they should be, playing happily in the mud!


… living in a traditional Karen community and spending time with the elephants in their natural environment – the forest!


… being in a country where I can learn multiple languages and bond with people of different cultures whilst trying new things and helping the community



Volunteers and interns helping the local children get creative at after school club


… being able to see elephants reintroduced to the wild and having such close relationships with their mahouts


… getting the opportunity to be so close to the elephants every day and getting to enjoy the beautiful scenery in and around the village


… getting to understand and learn about the village, culture and people


… the baby elephant playing – in the mud or with the mahouts!



Our newest member, Wan Mai, playing in the mud for the first time


… seeing the elephant families reunited after long periods


… just wandering through the dense forest on a sunny day


… having a cozy dinner in the village



Intern Cassidy learning some traditional recipes from one of our homestays


… wandering in the forest to see the elephants, playing, eating, bathing in mud


… looking around at the plants, trees, butterflies, insects… just enjoying the life in the forest


… the people, the elephants (who are adorable) and the general difference in pace from what I’m used to


… living in a remote hill-tribe village and observing healthy happy generations of elephants living together in the forest


… experiencing a life completely different from home in a village of great people, enjoying an amazing environment and amazing elephants!



Kah Moon doing what she loves best – eating in the forest!

… seeing and working with the elephants, getting the chance to actually do something for these beautiful animals


… seeing the baby elephant try to play with his mahout