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A Farewell Ode to the Intermediate Novices

By Will Moon 3 years ago
Categories Luang Prabang

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With a heavy heart and a saddened smile,
I turn my back on this place for a while,
But as I head home above the glistening clouds,
My head pulsates with memories so proud.



From teaching in the classroom, to making new friends,
Travelling the country down winding roads and bends,
I find myself in a sense of awe,
Experiences more special than ever before.



In this world of difference and lives so far apart,
We find ourselves enraptured in a glorious work of art,
Stitched together in a technicolored mass,
Waiting and watching in the green luscious grass.


But besides the image so rich, lives a people more grateful
Harboured in a planet that is unnecessarily hateful.
It’s when you observe such a city with people so kind,
The world becomes static and leaves the nonsense behind.



As I write on a table with students and friends,
Surrounded by books this great building defends,
I relish my fortune to sit here and think,
About this city detailed with fine, delicate ink.



This time has molded my perspective,
And made me realize we must avoid being so tiresome and selective.
So on my way as I depart,
I breathe in my last smell,
I hope to return; but for now it’s farewell.



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Written by teaching volunteer Will Moon