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Exploring the senses

By Cheryl Martin 3 years ago
Categories Cape Town

Last week at the nursery our theme was The Senses.  We had a great time exploring through different activities.  I think the highlight was definitely on Friday when we explored the sense of sight. In circle time we set the scene by singing the “Going on a lion hunt” song. We then worked in small groups with the children. They made binoculars by rolling up pieces of card and taping them together. They were fascinated with looking through them. We then set up small pictures of animals around the nursery. The volunteers donned their safari hats and showed the children how to search for animals. Then it was the kids’ turn. They looked through their binoculars and went in search of each animal we named.  They were so excited! It was a great way of highlighting the sense of sight but also gave the children a chance to practice saying the name of each animal in English. The children were pleased to be able to take their binoculars home and I’m sure in some cases the safari game continued over the weekend.

The day we explored the sense of sound the children also approached it with great enthusiasm.  After our story which talked about the different senses, the children made shakers.  They decorated paper plates and we then folded them in half and stapled them with some dry noodles inside.  A few streamers were added to their instrument for extra effect (and to help practice their cutting and pasting skills) and before they knew it, they had their very own shaker. The look of excitement  on the children’s faces was priceless and they happily sang along to a few of their favourite songs with their shakers playing along.

These two tasks highlighted how simple, fun activities can be great learning experiences but also that simple ideas create lots of fun and excitement for the kids.