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'Off Island' - exploring the Inner Granitics of the Seychelles

By Franzis Reidl 3 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

I have spent quite a few days here on Curieuse now, and I want to tell you about what we did on our first weekend ‘off island’.


At 7.15 am on Saturday, Bridgette and Becky drove us to Cote d`Or (our nearest ‘town’ on Praslin the second largest island in the Seychelles) in Dexter, our boat. After our arrival there, we enjoyed the beautiful beach for a few minutes. It was so nice, because you won`t meet any tourists that early in the morning.


Then we decided to take a bus to Mont. Plaisir on the other side of Praslin. It is unbelievable but a bus ticket for any journey anywhere on the island costs only five Seychelles rupees – that’s around thirty cents! If you don`t know where you should go, you can always ask the bus driver or the people around, because they are always very polite and willing to help. During the bus trip we passed a lot of green vegetation and even some Coco de Mer palm trees, which you can only find in the Seychelles.


After our arrival at Mont. Plasir, at the end of the bus line, we decided to walk over to Anse Lazio, which is considered one of the loveliest beaches in Seychelles, and even in the world. It was not the easiest of hikes, and it was a grey moody day, but the view from up the top was still awesome awesome. We took a lot of pictures, of course.


After a long up-and-down hike, we arrived at Anse Lazio. You can`t even begin to imagine how nice it is there; the water is so clear, blue and warm and there are so many fish swimming around. We took out our towels, lay down and spent almost the whole afternoon there.


When it was time to go back to Cote d’Or for the pick-up, we wanted to take the bus back but didn’t know when the next bus would arrive, so we decided to just walk back. It was exhausting! It was quite a distance and pick-up time was fast approaching, but eventually we made back in time for James to meet us and take us back to Curieuse (although In the last five minutes, we lost Linda and didn’t know where she’d gone, but fortunately she found us and we all went back to the island).


To sum it all up, I want to say that it was a great first weekend in the Seychelles, and I am looking forward to the ones that follow. We have three left, and are planning on visiting nearby La Digue next weekend.