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Exceeding all expectations

By Peter McGoldrick 4 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

Upon arriving in the Seychelles I was greeted with what could possibly be the prettiest and most tranquil water I’ve ever seen, perfect for diving. So I knew I would be in for a treat once I got in the water. I wasn’t wrong. Even the first dive superseded any of my previous dives. Never have I seen such healthy and diverse coral as well as fantastic visibility and the mega fauna are second to none. Personal highlights include sightings of Manta Rays, White Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles and Brittle Stars. This, coupled with staying in a well-equipped, laid back base and being conveniently located a stone’s throw away from the bay creates a highly enjoyable experience. Food is cooked by volunteers so we have the freedom of creating our favourite dishes (considering resource availability) and they are healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Weekends are usually spent away from base, appreciating the Seychelles’ other attractions such as travelling to different islands, snorkelling and dining in brilliant seaside restaurants. Bird Island is a particular gem amongst the archipelago with maximum privacy as well as fantastic food and snorkelling. Different events are usually organised by volunteers each weekend, be it enjoying the nightlife such as clubbing or night markets, spending some down time at nearby resorts or hiking.

Life on base is also very relaxed despite a tight schedule each day with hammocks, ping-pong and great music being played from the kitchen and audible throughout most of the base providing a great escape.

Overall, life in the Seychelles so far has been an eye opening experience as well as being incredibly joyous.

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